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Last update: March 13th, 1997

This page lists a variety of ways to locate MUDs.
o Lists without descriptions
o Lists with descriptions
o MudWHO Servers

Lists Without Descriptions

o The MUDlist Page
A collection of links to MUDlist information, maintained by Andrew Wilson. Scott Goehring is no longer maintaing his MUDlist (thereby outdating the many, many recent Internet books that list him as the source of that particularly bit of wisdom); the task has since fallen to Adam "Doran" Wozniak; this WWW page provides a searchable index of the latter's list.

o Doran's MUDlist
This is the official site of Doran's MUD list. It's no longer maintained by Doran, but the list continues.

o Scott Geiger's MUDlist
This is a listing of MUD addresses, maintained by Scott Geiger. It is, unfortunately, neither complete nor entirely accurate.

o The Tarp MUD Lists
A collection of links to MUDs, based on Doran's MUDlist.

o The "Final MUD and MOO Server" (uSuRa's)
An HTML-ized version of Scott Geiger's MUD list.

o The weekly archive of Howard's Automated MUDlist.
This link might not be currently operational.

Lists With Descriptions

o The WWW MUD Connector
An extensive searchable database of MUDs, supported by a variety of related services (links to MUD resources, a directory of players, a discussion forum, a random link generator, and retrieval of a text-based MUDlist through a mailbot).

o The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes
Addresses (and telnet links), commentary, links to the MudWHO service, and links to home pages, for over one hundred MUSHes. There is also an Automated List which summarizes all of those MUSHes and gives hourly updates of their status.

o The Graphical MUDs and Multi-Player Games
A listing of graphical MUDs, including commercial services, and networked multiplayer games of other sorts.

o The Julianna's MUSH List
Listings of MUSHes and MUXes, together with brief commentaries.

o The Lysator MUD pages
Information on the Lysator MUDs, and general MUD information.

o The Lysator MUDlist
A small amount of information and links to other places.

o Tolkien Computer Games
This is a list of games based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works. It includes a list of Tolkien-based MUDs.

o MUD Home Pages
A collection of links to home pages for specific MUDs. Note: MUSHes are the one subcategory of MUD not included here, since those links are available via the Almost-Complete List of MUSHes.

MudWHO Servers

o The MudWHO Gateway
A WWW way to see who's logged on where, via the Oklahoma State MudWHO server.

o The World of Darkness MudWHO
A MudWHO server for the World of Darkness (White Wolf) MUSHes.

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