Mornings with Sir

Silken spiderwebs of sunshine twine across our forms,
Naked in the morning, spilling the new day like dew
Glistening as sweat upon us, bound together in this act of love..
I waken and turn to you, but you're already awake, breathing softly
The musty scent of my hair, my shoulders and skin.
Knowing now that I too lie silently without slumber, 
You squeeze me softly to you,
Your arms wrapped around my ribs, claiming what is yours.
Your hand slides softly up twixt my breasts, leaning next to my beating heart,
Reminding me what I am, and you kiss my half turned cheek,
Tease me gently awake with a nip on the ear.
I wrap my arms with yours, playing gently with your fingers,
Kissing your fingertips with mine, shifting my warm rear slowly against you.
I turn in your arms to lie on my back, and smile at you..
What a beautiful morning.

This poem is Copyright (c) 1994 Kerry Brodt. All rights reserved.

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