I left behind what created me,
  She who held me in her arms
  And whispered to me as a bairn.

  I left behind what made me woman
  She who inspired my freedom,
  My angry spirit though quiet demeanor.

  Oh Mother!

  In your watery eyes of the sea
  On a stormy day, or the tresses
  Of thick abundance, and the
  Strong and firm build, I see
  Where I came from, who
  I am, what I can be.

  Oh Mother!

  I left behind what raised me
  She who fed me the foods
  Of our kind, and the lore of our land.

  I left behind what I love
  She who I will repay one day
  And whom I speak of as wise and good.

  Oh Mother!

  Can you see that you've made
  Many lives better, given your heart
  And your soul and asked for
  Nothing. I who came from you
  Mother, carry your name in my heart.

  Oh Mother...

This poem is Copyright (c) 1994 Kerry Brodt. All rights reserved.

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