Peace of Mind

Silken down covered his body, pale in this moonlight,
His eyes reflected silver arrows sent to many
And his lips pursed more than words.
His chest heaved gently as he gave one brief,
Little sigh. And the moon smiled upon him,
Her arms stretched out to hold him within her
Arms. And he nestled there, comforted by the nearness
Of his mother. And he swayed, pulled to her affections,
In the gentle night-time breeze.
Somewhere in his distance, an ebb brushed into the shore,
Lapping gently, as the night's pet, at the feet of one so
Silent, he barely noticed her.
Breathing softly through her nose, she captured his
Wild smell, reaching into, around, inside all of her.
His wild frenzy, his passion brought her senses to a height,
And she gasped, bringing him the distance to her.
His gentle eyes looked at her and questioned her as to her reason
For shadows. She could only mutter one word,
He shivered slightly at the rumble that shook the foundations of 
Everything, and kissed her feet.
And she went to him, feeling his love around her, 
Needing the one true love she could ever had.

This poem is Copyright (c) 1994 Kerry Brodt. All rights reserved.

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