Looking out the window,
You stand there, staring back,
Knowing what you do,
What you have done.
Fear has nothing next to you;
Your buzzed up wild eyes,
Your blonde wild hair
Your height and strength.
I fear you, for what you did,
For what you do now.
You play with me,
As hunt for the game,
Not really wanting the prize,
(For the prize is little)
Just reveling in my fear;
And you know I do.
My hair pulled back primly,
My face carefully made,
My clothes worn properly,
Totally sober.
Not that it mattered then
When my hair was wild,
Like my mood,
And my eyes sparkled
From the bubbles in the beer,
My clothes black and tight.
And you asked me
If I wanted to hear
Your new album.
And we ate fish n chips
As we walked to your flat.
You attracted me then,
Still do, in a way. But now
The fear outweighs the look.
I only wanted a hug.
Asked only for a back rub.
My lift was due in twenty minutes.
I'll never expect only again.
I said no.
You still continued
And I got home late,
Penniless from a taxi.
Then, I didn't believe the truth.
I was told
It was my fault.
I used to accept blame.
How I used to!
Then that night
I worked late
And you watched me
Through the glass
That was all between us,
Like my no,
Easily broken.
Though this time you
Just made me
Uncomfortable. My night,
I cut short.
And  caused me to
Leave early.
To go home.

This poem is Copyright (c) 1994 Kerry Brodt. All rights reserved.

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