The MUSH is a loose conglomeration of Pern and ex-Pern players, Amber and ex-Amber players, and any loose refugee who wanders by, attracted by the witty conversation, the elegant surroundings... the free coffee.

So we all have our shameful little secrets. For a tour, in more depth, of TooMUSH's shameful little secrets, read the history of our beginnings.

The Web Site

This site exists to showcase the people of TooMUSH and their creativity. The idea is credited to Garrett and Lilith, both of TooMUSH.

If there is some information you have volunteered that is not here, please make sure the TooWeb team has received it, and then please be patient with them. Two weeks is about as long as you should have to wait.

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These pages are maintained by the mighty TooWeb team, which can be reached at too-web@clock.org. Please feel free to mail in any suggestions you might have!

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