Evinar is the son of the late, but very famous anarctic explorers, Mr. and Mrs. Shinaberry. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, both the Shinaberrys were eaten by enraged walruses, leaving the infant Evinar to fend for himself.

Luck was with Evinar, though. A group of inquisitive penguins happened upon the lonely anarctic research station and discovered the poor infant. One female penguin took pity on the babe, and raised him as her own. Thus began the legend of: Evinar, of the Anarctic!

Evinar learned the ways and language of not only the pengiuns, but also the walruses, polar bears, otters and certain igneous rocks. Many an antartic explorer would tell the tale of being rescued, just in the nick of time, by a white man wearing only smelly sea lion skins. Usually without fail, before they could thank him, he would ride off into the antartic on the back of a walrus saying, "unk unk!"

When Evinar is not saving Anarctic explorers, he maintains TinyMUSH. His fierce polar background shines through when presented with a rather nasty bug. He can often be seen at these times brandishing a harpoon and shouting, "UNK UNK!" at the computer.

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