Herr Generalfeldmarschall Fire, Lord High Twink-Squisher in Chief of Amby's Army, former Chief Strategist of the Sunscreamer National Front, Subordinate Arch Prelate of the Church of Rhodesia, and Eternal Grand Master of the International Fascist Front, is known the mud-world over as the man to see for cynical comments, slams of Elysium, and the occasional gratuitous personal insult. His first mudding experience came on PernMUSH, back near the beginning of October 1991, but it was not until many months later that he was revealed to be a clone of the infamous Random J. Nightfall who had been implanted with false memories by the mad Dominator scientists who created him. Fire then made use of the warped talents his alien creators had given him to become the most overextended mud administrator in history by holding wizard bits on 14 muds simultaneously. He has since recovered from the bout of temporary insanity that caused this, and now devotes most of his attention to Pern and Too, as well as his newest project, Dark Colony (ask him about it, he won't bite, honest).

Fire currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma, which is quite distant from his home of Concord, New Hampshire; he is currently studying at the University of Oklahoma while on leave from Dartmouth College. He's not married, although he's extremely good at playing doe-eyed serving boy; his interests are pretty wide, and he particularly loves a good argument on any subject that can't really be resolved one way or the other. He's not exactly sure where his wizard bit on this place came from; all he remembers is that one day he woke up and there it was. Fire is also the owner and bouncer-by-default of TooMUSH's very own Fascist Hangout, where he spends a lot of time drinking caffeinated beverages and eating Oreos. Despite what Ice may say, he is manifestly NOT a nice guy, and he absolutely does not have soft spots for children and small helpless furry animals, and if you ask him that again he may be forced to rip your lungs out. Politely.

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