Fluff's just a lovable little feeping creature -- a @cat. Lives on a diet of CPU cycles and chocolate. Writes the MUSH Manual and PennMUSH 1.50, hacks TinyMUSH 2.0, and harasses Evinar. Any conflicts between the code, the documentation, and the manual are purely figments of your imagination.

In other, less silly venues, Fluff frequently goes by the name of Amberyl. She started MUSHing in January of '91, when PernMUSH came up, and has been a wizard there since March of '91. Her record of wizbits isn't as impressive as Fire's, although she's held close to two dozen admin positions on various MUDs (not all at the same time, though).

In the past, Fluff ran The Belgariad (both I and II), and is currently the god/codehack of Robotech MUSH. TooMUSH is where she hangs out to rant about code and other MUDs, and is the third and final of her active wizbits, although she helps out in a consultant capacity on various other MUSHes. She also plays actively on AmberMUSH. Currently, she is allergic to werewolves, vampires, twink wizards, mummies, and anything else which looks vaguely like a White Wolf World-of-Darkness minion.

In RL, Fluff studies computer science engineering, works part-time as a sysadmin, collects CDs, plays the violin, and, very occasionally, sleeps.

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