August, 1990: Frog (aka John) lived three miles outside a town twenty miles outside of Scranton PA, in the woods. Complete with a knowledge of edible wild plants (as well as the more useful poisonous ones) and a reputation for backpacking carrying more weight on his backpack's frame than his own, Frog moved to Philadelphia PA to join those lucky souls at the University of PA.

Once there, and thrown onto the net by his lab consultant job, he rapidly made his way to various LP-MUDs, most notably GhostMUD, back when 2.4.5 was the NEW THING or something like that. His first semester at Penn racked up an impressive 636+hrs on Ghost (not to mention other MUDs and MUSHes). This was the last semester he did better than a 2.5 at Penn. :)

Since then, he's mostly played PernMUSH, and claims to remember Amberyl not being a wizard (indeed, not knowing anything about MUSHes at all, nor how to code). While a dino, he didn't pay much attention to anything on PernMUSH but the Minecraft. The debate rages on whether this was good or bad.

Still on PernMUSH as Tiercel, he doesn't do much but reminisce about the 'old days' and bum around the Net, coding useful and useless TF macros. He has a fondness for User Support/Tech Writing, and an even bigger fondness for his fiancee. (Yes, he abandons the net for a woman, deal. Losers.) He was sucked onto TooMUSH by Amberyl, and can't seem to get away. Oh well. Life's not so bad as a frog anyway. And no, he doesn't have a home page, and won't, so don't bother asking.

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