Garrett started mudding in October of 1989, before there was an Internet. (No, really.) He went on to found Islandia, wiz on BloodMUD and Chaos, and take time off from college. Afterwards, he went on to run PeaksMUSH and in 1990 moved to Iowa, followed by yet more time off from college. Somewhere in here he got engaged, but that's all over now. He became a wizard on TooMUSH as reward for guessing the color of Tangent's underwear.

He is currently living in Deeper California, also known as San Jose, and wishes he could get back to Santa Cruz. He's 24, which may change in the far future, and spends his copious spare time writing RPG reviews and supplements, drinking fine coffee, and emitting cynical commentary at random intervals and targets. He does have a job these days.

Garrett's player has been known to manifest on TooMUSH as Verlaine, among other names. He also writes poetry.

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