Kynn -- known as Kynn to his friends -- and Kynn to his enemies -- is a fixture of sorts on TooMUSH, although we're not sure what kind of fixture. Most likely guess is some kind of indoor plumbing, or perhaps something electrical.

The History of Kynn-the-MUSHer

Kynn got his start in mudding ages ago, when he bailed from IRC and ended up on PegasusMUCK, where he was given a MUCKer bit. His first wizbit was on the late, not-very-lamented MagicMUCK, which is about as impressive as holding a wizbit on Too. He's been around for nearly 4 years, including notable amounts of time spent on places like FurryMUCK and PernMUSH. He first encountered Tangent back on Ancient Pern, before the minesong was ever sung.

Kynn on TooMUSH

On Too, he holds the record as the person dewizzed and/or rewizzed the greatest number of times in TooHistory. He presently is not a wizard, at least at the time of this writing (check flags(*kynn) to make sure) but stranger things have certainly happened.


Kynn's favourite person is his wife Liz (a.k.a. Helbergina on PernMUSH), and she is responsible for the way he spelled 'favorite' earlier in this sentence. She doesn't like Too...but then, does anyone really _LIKE_ Too?

Things Kynn does

Kynn's job keeps him busy MUSHing all night, and it's all Z's fault. In his spare time, Kynn plays a gazillion characters on twenty thousand different tinymuds, gets in flamewars on scattered newsgroup, collects comics, runs LegionMUSH and DawnSistersMUSH, and ticks off wizards on Pern. His favourite colour is blue. Or grey.

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