Marc Spencer

In the days when the net was new (well, newer), Marc Spencer started his own AmberMUD at the University of Oklahoma. Late 1988, to be precise (okay, so the net wasn't totally new), and it's all been progressively more bizarre from there. He has run, since then, TinyHELL, the second TinyMUD ever (1989-90), TinyHELL II, the Revenge (1990), Chaos (1990), SanctuaryMUSH (1990), and Asylum (1991). Before Asylum's demise, he moved to his job at Oklahoma State University, where he ran the last of Asylum's days, followed by DreamScape (1991-2), Space Madness (1992-4), and Deep Seas (1994-present). He's also had wizard bits on more places than he can safely think about.

Marc Spencer lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, which he constantly espouses the virtues of; he is married to Moira, another Too wizard, whom he constantly espouses the virtues of. His interests are Christianity, computers, food, and comics, and religion, all of which he constantly espouses the virtues of. He has been employed by Oklahoma State University (which he's relatively quiet about) for some years in the field of sysadminning, which he espouses the virtues of only when he shuts up about its drawbacks.

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