Uh, foo. I hate these things. Began MUDding on TinyMUD IN Sept '89. Opened TinyHELL with Marc in late '89, have run more MUDs than I can count either with Marc or alone, as godwiz (TinyHELL II, Chaos, Dreamscape, Asylum, SpaceMadness, Deepseas. Brigadoon, UnterHELL, PernMUSH, AmberMUSH.) That makes me the longest-running wizard ever, and since I haven't given up having at least one wizbit at any time and don't plan on it, no one'll ever catch up with me. :) Maintainer of r.g.m.* FAQs. Likes cookies. Doesn't like stupidity and gross lack of clues. Not inclined to having much patience on any place that doesn't have "newbie helper" in job description.

TooMUSH: The People