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Ambar and Rem, an Abyssinian cat

It's a little unreasonable to try to separate my life into the four categories that follow... ideally they'd be the same list for each. But I feel the need to impose some structure (hah) on this page, so here we go...


"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog ... but damn if everyone won't know what your cat looks like." My cats (Maine Coons and others) are simultaneously beloved companions, obsession, and hobby, and so their pages are probably the most developed of any here. My horses' pages keep growing.

The cat in the photograph is GRP Ultimate Marc Remillard of Ambar, a red Abyssinian neuter, shown at four months of age. The photograph itself is Copyright 1994 by Carl Widmer.


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This black and white is my all-time favorite picture of myself. It was taken by James Stanley Daugherty (The Ultimate Eye), who can be reached at This image is Copyright 1994 James Stanley Daugherty -- The Ultimate Eye. Think before you click; the full-sized image is approximately 250K.

I now have a lot more respect for professional models, having discovered that modelling is fun, but not precisely easy. (Imagine free-climbing a twenty-foot cliff wearing nothing but a pair of shoes. Now imagine doing it without scraping any skin off, because blood would show up in the pictures, and this would be Bad. ;-)

People kept asking me what I want for my birthday, so I finally wrote an answer.


I'm part of the system management team for Alta Vista, where it's raining hardware. :-)


I have run far too many mailing lists in my time (most notably Sappho, which I founded). I'd say I'm off running mailing lists, cold turkey, but there are probably one or two still around that aren't bothering me too much.

Q. Do list wranglers possess special powers?
A. Yes indeedy. They possess enough patience on most days to power small cities. On those rare occasions when they begin to run out of patience, they eat small children.
--Dorsie Hathaway

The title of this page comes from the Talking Heads album, of course. Music is important to me, and my musical interests are varied indeed, but it seems pointless to just start wildly listing band names. And since I despise pages which mistake long lists of links for content, you won't find anything of that sort here.

On the other hand, since they are a) brilliant, and b) way underexposed, introduce yourself to the music of Boiled In Lead. You're welcome. Really.

Why, yes, I am an unreconstructed cynic. How nice of you to notice.

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