CH Coonyham Coronado of Ambar

Cory, a
Maine Coon Cat

"Cory" is a red classic tabby and white male Maine Coon Cat with handsome green eyes. He is a very gentle and affectionate guy who loves the show ring. Check out this shot of Cory as a kitten.

Cory is a gorgeous boy, with the big bones and sweet nature of dad (SGC/GRC Coonyham Navarro), and mom's (SGC Cooncreole Mardi Gras of Coonyham) bedroom eyes.

Having made his contribution to our breeding program, he has retired to a pet home he shares with one of his daughters, where he can be doted on by the entire family.
Cory, a
Maine Coon Cat

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CH Coonyham Coronado of Ambar
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