Sunday October 7 : Castro Street Fair

The first Sunday in October is the annual Castro Street Fair, a tradition for over a quarter of a century. The 2001 edition was the 28th incarnation of this venerable celebration in San Francisco's gayest neighbourhood.

Having spent the previous evening bartending Number-6's fundraising party in South San Francisco, I got kind of a late start, but KidKero (Nick's housemate) and I finally made it into The City by early afternoon. We met up with claudesf and Mooooo at BrdrBoy and sneeper's place in the Castro to begin our foray to the street fair.

After running into hayden while questing for a bank machine, we made our way through the crowds towards where our friend Robbie was performing with the gay cheerleading group Cheer SF. They were showing off their routines and soliciting donations to help pay their way to the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney, Australia. The intersection of 18th & Castro was packed with people and we met up with a bunch of channel folk, including Netboy and Kevin, Mooooo's friend Robert, vorziel, qubits, DuFfMaTic, Nutation, bjjoe and ESK1MOPIE, xvii, and gecko. Tigercub and Liandrin soon joined us, along with Liandrin's mother Kate, who'd flown in all the way from New Zealand.

I didn't buy anything at the vendor booths this year, but KidKero tried some stuff on. It was great to run into some of the people who don't come on channel very often anymore, like DNAse, Robey, superhomo, Swingkid (baritenor), dusty^, RickOLODN, condorSF and Petshop. Some channel people from outside of SF attended too, like tezn, TopDaJock, orff, and aperture. A couple of people I met through the Tuesday night rec volleyball games, Greg and Nathan, were also there.

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