Castro Street Fair : 36 pictures

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01. hayden
All smiles at a café, hayden poses for a picture before grabbing a bite to eat with friends.

02. Castro Crowds
Despite the lack of sunshiny weather, a sizable crowd still turned out. This is looking south on Castro from the southwest corner of Castro & Market.

03. NetBoy & Kevboy
NetBoy and Kevboy outside the Walgreen's at 18th & Castro. Maybe they went to buy some gum, heh heh.

04. Cheer SF
Robbie is friends with many IRC folk, including Mooooo, sneeper, BrdrBoy, and vorziel. He performs with the gay cheerleading squad Cheer SF, who performed at the Fair.

05. Homos über alles
Mooooo's friend Robert (left) and another friend are from Germany. Both seem to be enjoying lots of what America has to offer...

06. vorziel and qubits
Friends and roommates, vorziel (left) and qubits (right) enjoy the Fair at Castro south of 18th.

07. sneeper Among The Asians
Why is sneeper (far left) smiling? He's surrounded by some of his favourite people: claudesf, Mooooo, and BrdrBoy (left to right).

08. DuFfMaTic and Nutation
DuFfMaTic (left) and Nutation (right) at Castro & 18th. Yes, that's really a tree in the background behind DuFfy...his hair would NEVER look that bad.

09. ESK1MOPIE and bjjoe
ESK1MOPIE (left) and bjjoe (right) drove up from the South Bay to attend the Fair.

10. xvii
xvii abruptly stopped smiling just before this picture was snapped. No, really! Darn the autofocusing delay on my camera.

11. Podcam!
The rarely-photographed gecko (red shirt) is caught unawares by my sneaky camera. He dodged behind the unknown guy in the leather jacket just after this shot.

12. All In The Family
Left to right, Liandrin, Liandrin's mom Kate, and Tigercub. Kate had flown in from her home in New Zealand to visit her son and son-in-law.

13. Tigercub and Liandrin
Proof that Liandrin (right) actually does sometimes go without sunglasses, even during the day.

14. DNAse
DNAse thinks his hair looks poufy in this shot, but I've seen him with much worse hair, heh heh.

15. Robey
The 'legendary' Robey Pointer. Unknown cute guy in the background -- email me if you're him, please :-)

16. It's A Bird, It's A Plane...
...It's superhomo! Enjoying one of the few moments when the sun was shining, superhomo smiles big.

17. More Castro Crowds
Looking north on Castro from the middle of the intersection of 18th & Castro.

18. GregGoogle
Cutey Greg is the third housemate with orff and vitesse in Mountain View. He works at Google, hence his moniker.

19. Where There's A Will
SwingKid, aka baritenor, has long been absent from the channel, but he's remembered by many. I ran into him on 18th by Harvey's.

20. The Endurance
The historic Castro Theatre, with a wittily appropriate marquee. This landmark building is a designated heritage structure.

21. Motorcycle Men
dusty^ (right) and his friend (whom I was introduced to twice but whose name I still can't remember, left) make a cute couple here, photographed in front of the Castro Theatre.

22. tezn
A happy tezn surveys the crowd at the Fair.

23. orff
The photographer is photographed: orff on the Castro.

24. aperture
aperture, in the shadow of the Castro Theatre marquee.

25. Mooooo and aperture
Smile for the camera, boys! Mooooo on the left, with aperture on the right.

26. aperture and tezn
Clowning for the camera -- aperture (left) with tezn (right).

27. aperture and hayden
Such an attractive couple! aperture (left) and hayden (right).

28. Three Easy Pieces
The infamous "Three Easy Pieces" caption returns...hayden, aperture, and Nathan (left to right) in front of the Castro Theatre. Wow, hayden actually looks short!

29. Three Easy Pieces (Again)
They looked so cute that I had to take two pictures. hayden, aperture, and Nathan (left to right) can often be found playing volleyball together in the South Bay.

30. Rick-o-lodeon!
RickOLODN shows off his fashionable street-fair-wear. Go, girl!

31. Balcony Boys
I took a nearly-identical picture at the 2000 Castro Street Fair. It's good to know that nobody wore the same outfit as last year...

32. KidCollar
KidKero models a bondage collar -- "just for fun". Mmhmm.

33. condorSF and friends
condorSF (left) and two friends stroll the neighbourhood -- condorSF lives nearby.

34. condorSF
condorSF in portrait.

35. 25% Off Everything
TopDaJock appears to be on sale, although he was 50% off (i.e. shirtless) at last year's Castro Street Fair...ah, the hardships of a recession.

36. KidKero and Petshop
KidKero (left) and Petshop (right) on the Castro.