Sunday September 30 : Folsom Street Fair

The last Sunday in September is the annual Folsom Street Fair and this year's theme was "Coming Of Age." It was the 18th edition of what has become known as one of the premier leather/fetish street fairs in the nation.

After a nice breakfast, DNAse and I arrived in SOMA around noon. One of the first people we saw when we got there was DNAse's friend Brian, a waterpolo teammate of DNAse's from Tsunami, the gay & lesbian aquatics league. Brian is also a filmmaker, the director of Gypsy Boys. At events like this, it's always nice to run into people you haven't seen in a while. It was good to see former colleagues and old friends, including nrs, IraSF, and SFPetard -- three people who I hadn't seen much of on channel.

Navigating large street fairs with a big group just isn't practical. It's hard to see everything and easy to lose people. This year, the plan was to meet up at 2pm, take pictures, then go off and enjoy the Fair in smaller groups. In addition to the people in the group photo, other channel people who showed up at the appointed time included Mirgar, Liandrin and Tigercub (plus Liandrin's mother Kate), claudesf, sneeper, BrdrBoy, pachooey, Mooooo, Two-bit and CAGuy, and vorziel. Greg and Rey, who play in the Rainbow Recreation volleyball league with many channel people, were also there.

Folsom always seems to be held on the hottest, sunniest time of summer -- which in San Francisco, is actually the autumn. Some people feel that Folsom has kind of lost its, with the 'leather tourists' outnumbering the hardcore 'leather traditionalists'. Personally, I see it as the democratization of leather/fetish sensibilities. As long as people approach it with respect, I say the more the merrier. After dropping off DNAse at The Powerhouse, I ran into HockyPosr, who was at the Fair with his friend Jun from L.A. HockyPosr had green hair that day. Also at the Fair was trmptman, who was working the booth for his employer, Cold Steel. Inhabiting the space vacated by the defunct Gauntlet piercing studio, Cold Steel is the American outpost of the acclaimed piercing and body art salon based in London UK. Compared to his pictures from last year's Folsom Fair, trmptman's acquired some new body art himself.

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