Folsom Street Fair : 21 pictures

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01. "People Get Ready...
...there's a DNAse a-coming." DNAse surveys his leather wardrobe before Folsom.

02. Tsunami Friends
DNAse (right) and his friend Brian (left) play waterpolo together with the gay aquatics league, Tsunami

03. nrs
The time nrs spent on the channel seemed to be brief, but burned brightly. He's still in touch with a few channel regulars like NetBoy and lives in the Castro.

04. IRC People
Clockwise from far left: getem, UberPup, majitica's friend James, DNAse, Nonau, ChazKing, Sunfall (in front), Unicycle, bimmer, and majitica.

05. Mirgar
Mirgar, looking more Haight-Ashbury than SOMA.

06. Liandrin and Tigercub
R U a naughty boy too? Liandrin (left) has the right t-shirt for the day.

07. Mother Knows Best
Liandrin (left) and Tigercub (right) flank Liandrin's mother Kate, who's still a wee-bit jetlagged from her flight from New Zealand.

08. Cool and Hot
Sheer meets shiny as claudesf (left) demonstrates the right way to wear mesh while majitica (right) shines in his rubberwear.

09. Nice Ass!
sneeper (right) samples majitica's rubbery cakes.

10. pachooey and sneeper
Somewhat misdressed for the occasion, pachooey (left) and sneeper (right) are all smiles all the same.

11. Scandy Gang
One of these things likes a lot like the others...left to right: Mooooo, pachooey, BrdrBoy, sneeper, and claudesf.

12. Two-bit and CAGuy
Two-bit (left) and CAGuy (right) opt for "cute techgeeks" fetishwear outfits.

13. Volleyballers
Greg (in front) and Rey (behind) both play volleyball with the Rainbow Recreation group.

14. vorziel
Cute Canuck vorziel smiles for the camera.

15. Old Colleagues
My friend David (right, with a friend) and I used to work together at Falcon Studios. We've both moved on to other things.

16. IraSF
IraSF, aka Darius, hasn't been seen much around the channel since he moved back to California, but he's alive and well and living in Sacramento now.

17. It Isn't Easy Being Green...
...but it's also pretty being easy! HockyPosr (right) with his friend Jun (left) from L.A.

18. HockyPosr and SpupEh
HockyPosr (left) and I pose for the camera -- thanks to HockyPosr's friend Jun for snapping the photo!

19. What A Difference A Year Makes
trmptman shows off some new bodyart during a break from working the booth for popular piercing studio Cold Steel.

20. SFPetard
SFPetard enjoys the sunny weather at the Folsom Fair.

21. Three Friends
My dancer friend Tho (center) with his boyfriend (left) and another friend (right) show off their Folsom fashions.