We Canadians like to chuckle at our American neighbours and their sometimes blinding ignorance of things not-American -- particularly geography. Take for instance the probably apocryphal anecdote about the confused Texans who pulled into a Toronto Petro-Canada gas station one hot and humid July weekend. Their SUV was fully loaded with sports gear and as they rolled down the window to ask directions, the bewildered Canadian gas station attendant was hit with a blast of wintry-cold air-conditioning. Not because it was so hot outside. Because the occupants were all decked out in ski wear. "How much further do we have to drive before we see the snow?" the Texans asked. "We came to do us some SKIING!"

Well anyways, any wayward Texans who find themselves in Toronto in the summer can take heart that at least if they can't ski, they can at least feel at home. Le Bifthèque is a gigantic steakhouse right near Toronto Airport and it serves monumental amounts of beef in all manner of sizes. It can seat over 900 people and on weekends, usually does. And if the big welcome sign doesn't say down-home beef-eatin' goodness, the fibreglass cows stationed around the parking lot sure will.

I had to include the dancing cow that appears on their site: