As Allen (Tenchi) and I always say, wholemilk is the best kind of milk to drink, yummy! In Canada, they sell milk in bags. We also still call it "homo(genized) milk" and we are even so good as to inform you that you get a whopping 3.25% milkfat in every creamy mouthful. Each package contains three 1.33 litre bags, so you can buy 4L of milk at a time.

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We also have cartons, but most municipalities don't have plastic jugs because the poly bags are easier to recycle. Most Canadian families have these milk pitchers that you put the bags into. Then, you just snip off the corner of the bag and pour your milk out. Meanwhile, the people at Dairy Farmers of Ontario, my local milk marketing board, are running a promotion right now that can only be called...porn-cow-graphic.