Marmalade is one of those quintessentially British comestibles that (North) Americans tend to either love intimately or hate unequivocally. Those horrid mucky spreads ending in the suffix "-ite" (Marmite, Vegemite, etc.) are prime examples of this. Haggis, blood pudding, mincemeat, things involving leeks...all seem to inspire love-'em-or-hate-'em reactions. It's often said (usually by me) that the entire culinary oeuvre of the British Empire can be summed up thus: "Boiled...or fried. Sometimes boiled, THEN fried."

Right. Having said that, I like marmalade. I do. It tastes better than plain old jam, with the right balance of sweet and bitter (kinda like how I imagine myself), and tastes wonderful on buttered toast (definitely NOT how I imagine myself). And it can be had for just $2.99 Canadian (that's $2 USD) a jar. What I want to know is....judging by the enticing label....do they also have a "thick, uncut" variety?