PDF Writer

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
February 18, 2001

PDF Writer...(writer, ahhhh!)

Desktop printer, will you print my file
It took hours to download, this could take a while
Based on a standard that Adobe wrote
And I need the fonts
So I'll have to use the PDF Writer
PDF Writer!

It's an awkward standard from an awkward man
And John Warnock, I don't think he understands
What works for prepress doesn't work online
It's a pain in the ass
But we're stuck with the PDF Writer
PDF Writer!

PDF Writer...(writer, ahhhh!)

There's a hundred pages waiting in the queue
It'll write a hundred postcript errors too
Watch it change your margins and corrupt your styles
It'll change it 'round
That damn infernal PDF Writer
PDF Writer!

Yes I really hate it cuz it won't print right
It made millions for Adobe overnight
It infuriates me, but I've got no choice
Cuz I need to print
So I'll use that stupid PDF Writer
PDF Writer!

PDF Writer!

PDF Writer
PDF Writer

vocal ad lib to fade


[original song]