(They Long To Be)
Young Like You

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
June 3, 2001

Why do trolls suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
It must be, they long to be
Close to you

Why do guys buy you drinks and stare
At your cute derrière
Got to be, they long to be
Close to you

On the day you turned eighteen
The lechers got together
And decided to molest you one by one
So they sprinkled roofies
In your drink and tried
To make you think that they were fun

That is why when you're on the town
All the freaks come around
Has to be, they long to be
Close to you

When you get to thirty-five
You'll find the game has changed
And the hunted now becomes the hunter too
It's this crazy youth-obsession
That just leads to more depression
Sad but true

And that's why when you're feeling blue
That some guy leered at you
Maybe he, just wants to be
Young like you

It's because
He too once was
Young like you


[original song]