The AOL Way

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
November 7, 1999

They gave up on bars, for some online hacking
They used the AOL CD today
A promise of sex, but something is lacking
How can they get laid without ever knowing the way?

They got liquored up, and they started talking
With nothing original to say
It's hard to trade pix without mocking
"Age/Stats/Location," it's sex done the AOL way

Anyone can see the channels they chat on are filled with trolls
It's such a bummer 'cuz they're ugly and old
They'll never get lucky
They'll always be bitter that way
You can see the slutty ones wandering off somewhere
Cyber is lame but they really don't care
It's not really sex but it's easier than The Café

One day they'll wake up, and find they can't I.M.
And realize that M4M is lame
They'll leave AOL and Gay-dot-Com behind them
And join IRC, even though it's just more of the same

Chorus, repeat


[original song]