Filling Me Gently

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
November 7, 1999

Numbing the pain of his fingers
Bringing me off with his tongue
Filling me gently with his schlong
Filling me gently, with his schlong
Filling my whole butt, with his dick,
Filling me gently...
With his schlong.

I heard his thing was well-hung
I heard he'd make me smile
And so I came to see him
To play with it a while
And there he was this hung boy
A man's dick 'tween his thighs


I felt all flushed with poppers
All bare-assed, getting plowed
I knew he'd found my prostate
and made me scream out loud
I prayed he'd never finish
And he just kept right on


He came and then he blew me
He said "It's only fair"
He made me cum quite quickly
Cuz I was almost there
And then he took my money
And left it on the dresser



[original song]