Sundays We Do Brunch

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
May 2001

You ask me out for breakfast
The phone rings, half past eight
I'd rather sleep in two more hours
Eggs benedict can wait

And who are you to wake me
So early Sunday morn?
"Get up you lazy homo," you said to me with scorn

Sundays we do brunch
Yes we all go meet for lunch
Though we're bleary-eyed from clubs, last night
We want a table with a view
And a cute young server too
'Cause we'll be cruising, til the hangover subsides

Romance with all its tragedy
Haven't helped me get some sex
I cruise the club so sketchilly
On GHB and X

I'm just another gay boy
Still searching for some truth
On circuit party dance floors
Still grasping for my youth


Sometimes it's trendy cafes
We brunch so daintily
Sometimes it's House of Pancakes
We pig out shamelessly

We understand each other
We know how hard we've tried
We've watched the cute boys flirt with us
And we've seen them pass us by

And when the club's pathetic
And it seems the night won't end
We'll meet our friends on Sunday
And we'll feel alright again



[original song]