Attitude/Trendy Young Fag

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
June 1, 2001

There's a place in the world for the trendy young fag
With his A-and-F shirts and his little Gap bag
He refuses to pay for the full retail price
He's always well-dressed and he always looks nice
And he's proud of his car and the money he makes
And he won't tell a soul that his tan is a fake
And he likes to be known as a trendy young fag

Give a glance at the bars to the trendy gay boys
With their drinks in their hands they're so carefully poised
They've been polished and buffed 'til they're fit and they're trim
It's a comfort to them that they go to the gym
They stand and they model and smile to your face
Then talk shit about you when you exit the place
And they like to be known as the trendy gay boys

I believe that now I find that drama should be left behind
I know that coming out was just a part of it
I once believed what I was told
That thirty is considered old
But life goes on -- in fact -- it's just the start of it

Still there's always a place for the trendy young queer
With his big S.U.V and his microbrewed beer
And he'll never invest an emotional stake
So he can't understand when his heart always breaks
But his net worth is great and his income as well
And he's coiffed and he's groomed and he's shallow as hell
And he'll end up alone as a bitter old queen

Things are starting to change for the trendy young fag
With his A-and-F shirts and his little Gap bag
He finally sees that he's got to grow up
That his looks and his charm and his clothes aren't enough
If he stops being trendy and makes his own way
And finds more to life than the fact that he's gay
There's a chance he'll end up as a happy gay man


[original song]