You're Too Lame

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
November 7, 1999

Sprayed the bed this morning
For the second time
There's something wrong here
There can be no denying
One of us is itching
And baby you just keep lying

And you're too lame, baby
Now, you're too lame
Though I'm usually not such a cynic
Something down there in your pubic hair
Makes me want to go visit the clinic

It used to be so easy having sex with you
You were cheap and sleazy
And I knew just what to do
Your crabs made me unhappy
And I feel like a fool


The treatments will last
For at least two more weeks
But we just can't stay together
'Cuz you're a psycho freak
You gotta go, you skanky ho
How could I have loved you?



[original song]