(Your Dick Is)
Something To Talk About

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin & Andrew Fedge
November 3, 1999

People are talkin', talkin' 'bout penis
I hear them whisper (uh huh) "you won't believe it!"
They've all got their eyes (wooh-ooh), glued on your Levi's
You can't ignore it, cause they keep saying
That bulge is a little too big
Those jeans are a little too tight
Your dick, it's just so fuckin' long
They know they're seeing, what they can't have, darlin'

Your dick is something to talk about
A big ol' something to wave about
Your dick is something to talk about
Talk about luh-uh-uh-ove...

I feel so special (uh-huh), you bet I noticed
Your crotch is bulging (wooh-ooh), is that a hard-on for me?
Poppers, I'm hopin'...(wooh-ooh) will get me open
Now I'm convinced my sphincter's broken
Thinking "you're in only halfway..." (every day)
Grip the sheets with all of my might (every night)
Hoping that the pain goes away
Oh! Won't you do me; yeah, really screw me, darlin'


Your dick is something to talk about, baby
A big ol' dick you shove in and out
Your dick is something to talk about
Shovin' it in, out, in, out...



[original song]