Orgy Eternal

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
April 30, 2001

To my delight (yeah!)
A hundred men tonight
Asses getting loose, y'all
After hours of steady use (do you hear?)
Guys are cummin'
Out of control
It was so entertaining
When the sketch started to unfold
I heard somebody say

(Cum, baby, cum!) Orgy eternal!
(Cum, baby, cum!) Turn that ass around, y'all
(Cum, baby, cum!) Orgy eternal
(Cum, baby, cum!) 'Nuff to go around

Satisfaction (uh huh, yeah!)
Came with an ass reaction
I couldn't get enough
All those tight butts to stuff (uh huh, yeah!)
The poppers were fresh (burnin'!)
Feedin' right to my cock (uh!)
Viagra's goin' strong, yeah
And that is when I started to top
I heard somebody say


Up above my head
I see ankles in the air (I see ankles!)
That makes me know
There's a bottom somewhere

Satisfaction (uh huh, yeah!)
A little tongue-on-hot-ass action
I was feeling so fine, yeah
When I began to sixty-nine (uh-huh, yeah!)
Filling holes, left and right (uh!)
The crystal meth's so amazin'
Got enough to last all night
(I heard somebody say)

Refrain, repeat

(12 bar music turnaround)

(instrumental bridge)

(24 bar music turnaround and vocal ad lib to fade)


[original song]