Wake Up Faggot

Parody lyrics by Chris Chin
May 8, 2001

Wake up faggot, I think I got something to say to you
It's Sunday morning and we oughta be at the frat by noon
I know that I drank too much booze
But I feel I'm being used
Oh faggot I shouldn't get wasted any more
I drank too much beer and scotch
And I guess it went right to my crotch
If our frat finds out, well you know that could really hurt

The morning sun when you're still hungover really hurts like hell
But that don't worry me half as much as the lies I must tell
"I drank two cases of beer
And I ended up in bed with a queer"
Oh faggot, I shouldn't get wasted any more
You gotta promise you won't tell
Don't you make my life a living hell
I can't come out, it's a pain I can't deal with yet

All I needed was a friend to get a handjob from
But you turned into a lover and
Brother what a lover, you made me cum
All you did was lick my crack
And in an instant I was on my back
Oh faggot, I never felt that good before
You got me into the zone
Where I didn't have to be alone
You showed me how I could come out if I tried

I suppose we could leave the frat and come out at school
Or stay on Fraternity Row and challenge all their rules
This frat's still got some fears
And they could use a few more queers
Together I know that we can change this place
You made a first-class fag out of me
And now I'm proud as a fag should be
You showed me my heart and I'll love you for it every day

(instrumental break)

Faggot, I'm ever glad I saw your face
We'll get on back home, one of these days


[original song]