$1500-hair Chris

Syncope has a friend and housemate named Chris, who co-hosts the parties in Santa Cruz with him. Chris has made friends with a number of IRCers, including JonahE, timmyd, and hayden. Chris is pretty fastidious about his appearance, and isn't above spending a fair amount of money on the way he looks. At a party once, he related proudly how he had spent a large amount of money on his coiffure. While I don't actually think it was $1500 (probably more like $150), it struck me as being quite expensive for a haircut. Nutation and I were talking about the party online afterwards and I couldn't remember Chris' full name (even though I'd been introduced to him by Syncope) so I called him "...you know, that Chris guy with the expensive hair...whatsisname....$1500-hair Chris..." and the name stuck ever since.