AAS is an acronym standing for Anorexic Asian Squad, and it seems every city with a large gay population has one. San Francisco seems to have several. There exists a certain clique of gay asians that hew to a particularly caricaturable set of stereotypes -- rail thin, small-statured, and clinging fiercely to their invariably much older, paunchy, balding, white boyfriends/daddy-figures. Yes, yes, I know -- it's a stereotype. Being asian myself, I get a lot of those types coming on to me even though I'm hardly rail-thin or small-statured. ClaudeSF (who's Korean) came up with a hilarious way of handling such unwelcome advances (see: velly duh-ty o'man...) that I wish I'd thought of.

Anyways, Decay- (who's half-asian) and I came up with this term to describe some of our more cliquey asian brethren. For some reason, they don't like us. It's as if they're scared that we're going to make a move on their men or something. (As if.) AASers that don't have boyfriends rove around in packs (Nutation describes it "like being stalked by Pokémons...") seeking eligible (i.e. potentially GAM-seeking) white guys. At one point, when Ira and Nutation were often seen at clubs with either Decay- or myself, they found themselves targeted by these AAS swarms. This led to some bizarre incidents. (see: (to) spill a drink on Nutation)