ADACS is an acronym for Aldur's Date Acquisition & Consulting Services, a group of friends who describe their cause alternately as "improving the quality of life for a select few people through a series of relationship consultations, social events, and typically from a pro bono perspective" and "...a cult not unlike that of Scientology, whose leader is Aldur01, also referred to as "Gargamel"...".

Based around their charismatic enigma of a leader, Aldur01, the ADACS gang organize parties and outings in and around the lower peninsula and south bay regions. ADACS events have included mini-golf, movie nights, arcade outings (often involving rounds of the inexplicably addictive Bust-a-Groove from Playstation and Konami's DDR, or Dance Dance Revolution), hot-tubbing, ice-skating, clubbing at TDs in Santa Clara, and more.