bananas in pyjamas

Bananas In Pyjamas is the name of a delightful preschool kid's show that aired originally on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is now seen in select markets around the world. It features...well, two anthropomorphic bananas dressed in pyjamas. They are named B1 and B2, and you can tell them apart because they have their names stitched on their collars.

The infectiously catchy theme song goes like this:

The song and the show was a favourite of some transplanted eastcoast channel folk, notably DarqShado, who passed away suddenly in June of 2000. TheLarch and I also knew the show and the three of us would sing the bananas in pyjamas song together and laugh like idiots. I use a picture of B1 & B2 (coming down the stairs, naturally) on my redirect pages throughout my directory of picture pages.