(and then...I) barfed on his head

This colourful anecdote was related by Nutation and occurred during his long-time relationship with MK-ULTRA (who was then RZRaceboy). One drunken evening, Nutation returned home after imbibing waaaay more than he should have, and passed out in the hallway outside the bedroom. MK, who had already gone to bed, came out and brought him a pillow so he'd be a bit more comfortable.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Nutation awoke, disoriented, and proceeded to go into the bedroom, get undressed, and climb into bed next to MK. He then passed out again. Some time after this, Nutation's body decided to get rid of some alcohol and he proceeded to vomit...on his boyfriend's head.

MK got up, cleaned himself, cleaned Nutation (who was oblivious to all of this), changed the sheets, and went back to bed -- this time, facing the other direction. Comically, Nutation threw up again, this time on his boyfriend's feet. At that time, Nutation commented that "after all that and he still stayed with me, I knew we were in a pretty good relationship..."

Although that relationship is now over, we still use "and then...I barfed on his head", sometimes followed by "and then...I barfed on his feet" to refer to a relationship that has endured its share of stress and strain.

More recently, Nutation had an incident where (after not drinking for many months) he had a few drinks at a club and got rather sick. DuFFmaTiC drove him home and made sure he got to bed intact. He also stayed with Nutation, falling asleep near him. About an hour later, DuFFmaTiC awoke to what he described as the unmistakeable sounds of "prebarf". Before DuFFmaTiC could manage to roll out of the way, Nutation projectile vomited all over the back of DuFFmaTiC's head. To that end, we now append the quote "and THEN...I barfed on THE BACK of his head!". Nutation swears he won't be drinking any more except at home, alone.