The #gaysfer known as Number-6 had a previous incarnation as "Silly". Silly left the channel in frustration (see: slam the channel door) late in the evening of September 15, 1999 and did not return to #gaysf as Number-6 until many months later.

Shortly after he disappeared from channel, Silly sent around an email explaining why he'd left. In it, his .sig file had a quotation from one of his favourite TV series "The Prisoner":

"Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten cabbages"

I was largely responsible for promoting the idea that those were Silly's last words to the channel. In fact, his last words, at 11:45pm, were:

[23:45] i can't take this anymore

Something about " rotten cabbages" struck me as absurdly funny so I would often greet the reincarnated Number-6 (his new nick is another reference to "The Prisoner") with something like "Spup cabbages Number-6" and would make cabbage references in photo captions of party pics taken of Number-6. Ironically....Number-6 hates cabbage.