Caldecott Tunnel

The portion of State Route 24 that leads from Alameda County to Contra Costa County tunnels through the Oakland-Berkeley Hills. This impressive feat of engineering is known as the Caldecott Tunnel, opened in 1937. Consisting of three bores (the third bore was drilled in 1964), or tunnels, through the Oakland-Berkeley Hills, it carries about 160,000 cars a day.

The city of Walnut Creek lies on the other side of the Caldecott Tunnel from San Francisco. It was the location of the now-closed JRs nightclub, which was during the time it was open the only 18+ gay bar in Bay Area. It's also where corsican lives. Back in early 1998 or so, corsican lamented that people from SF were reticent to come out to Walnut Creek and go to JRs. Nutation opined that "Maybe people are just too lazy to want to have to go through the Caldecott Tunnel to get to you" to which corsican responded "My ass IS like going through the Caldecott Tunnel". Ever since then, anyone who is a notorious bottom is compared to the Caldecott Tunnel.