ClaudeSF, titles of

The concept of giving an individual in the gay community "titles" is familiar to anyone with some knowledge of drag queens -- particularly anyone who is familiar with the International Court System, which got started in San Francisco. But it is not just drag queens that can have titles. Basically, titles are given to honor a particular individual for some aspect of their character or personality. They are usually flattering, often silly, and always amusing.

ClaudeSF is one of the most titled characters on our channel, although the person usually credited with starting the whole titles affectation is Duckie (now Dux). Duckie rarely comes on line any more, but ClaudeSF is largely recognized as a fitting heir(ess) apparent to Duckie's storied legacy. Herewith are the explanations behind ClaudeSF's various titles:

Julie the Cruise Director

see: Julie the Cruise Director

Wielder of the Overarching Eyebrow

Recognizes ClaudeSF's habit of arching his eyebrow (the emoticon ô.o) on channel to indicate bemusement, disapproval, or suspicion. The mere threat of a raised ClaudeSF-brow has been known to strike fear and quaking into the hearts of certain men.

Gloriana, The Virgin Queen, Chosen Vessel of God's Radiance

A reference to Queen Elizabeth I of England, especially as portrayed by Quentin Crisp (in drag) in the 1998 film "Shakespeare In Love". Also the name of Benjamin Britten's 1953 opera.

Pontifex Maximus of the High Church of DarqShado's Penis (may he rest in peace)

DarqShado (who passed away suddenly on June 28, 2000, the 31st anniversary of Stonewall) stood 6'7" and we used to joke that he must have a very large penis because of his extraordinary height (see: cult of DarqShado's penis). So many people joked about it that DarqShado marvelled that it was like a cult. Someone else said that it was more like a religion. When DarqShado countered that a religion must have a religious leader or else it's just a cult, ClaudeSF came up with this title to "legitimize" the religion. The invocation "may he rest in peace" was added after DarqShado's untimely passing.

The Most Serene Mistress of the Black Pearl Cream

Black pearls are some of the most rare of the ocean pearls, naturally occurring only at the greatest depths in only one particular species, the black-lipped oyster (Pinctada margaratifera). Pearl Cream is a cosmetic hawked by ex-World of Suzy Wong star Nancy Kwan as the "Secret of the Orient" Given the kitsch factor, it was only natural that ClaudeSF would come up with this title.

Mother of Shadows

ClaudeSF has the uncanny ability to show up just as he's being talked about, or appear as if he's been lurking on channel, just waiting for the right moment to strike. For this he has been dubbed "Mother of Shadows".

Conchita Maria Bastitada Hernandez de la Paz Ramirez

This title was bestowed upon ClaudeSF by Nonau, but neither I nor Claude nor Nonau can remember the specifics.

High Fashion Sassy Asian Ninja-Ninja Princess Claude-san

During the 80s and continuing to some degree today, it was trendy for Japanese clothing manufacturers to put English words on their products, even if the words didn't form coherent sentences. This title was granted by Tenchi as ClaudeSF's "anime name", inspired by Japanese animation and pop culture. (see: ClaudeSF as gay ninja)