cotton sheets

Syncope doesn't come on channel much anymore. He's a busy UCSC grad student for one thing, and he's happily partnered off for another. But way back when (okay, maybe only a few years ago), Syncope was a familiar nick on #gaysf. He's graciously hosted a number of channel events down in Santa Cruz, and their well-attended success is a testament to the distances we'll go for a fun time :o)

Some of the channel old-skoolers will recall a time when Syncope was a little more inclined to sow his wild oats than he is now. One evening on channel, the topic was masturbation techniques (and to think, this was BEFORE Number-6/Silly had joined #gaysf!!!). In a startlingly frank moment of online candour, Syncope blithely described in great detail how *his* preferred method of masturbation was to rub himself against his cotton sheets until he orgasmed.

Naturally, he got a lot of teasing for this. The threadcount of cotton bedlinens is a measure of the number of weaves per linear inch -- a higher threadcount makes for a tighter weave and finer cloth and this means softer, smoother bedlinens (and for Syncope, less chafing). Oldskool #gaysfers will still tease Syncope with offers of "high threadcount cotton sheets".