Decay- and Xerxes (neither of whom are channel regulars much anymore) went to some computer conference in New Orleans a few years back. Also travelling with them was Decay-'s irrepressible female friend Amy. Amy and Decay- are staying a few floors above Xerxes in the same hotel.

Decay- and Amy are very close. They have a lot in common and they share gossip about EVERYTHING. Amy also happens to like it up the butt -- just like Decay-! The first weekend of the conference, Amy and Decay- are walking down the hall from their rooms, and Amy is going on about how she hates it when her boyfriend cums up her butt, because she gets those AWFUL cumfarts (Some of you out there know exactly what this is like.) Decay- is commiserating and as they get on the (empty) elevator, Amy starts singing at the top of her lungs a little song about cumfarts.

She's making it up as she goes along, and Decay- is laughing and singing along loudly as the elevator descends. Just as they reach the big finish -- the climax, if you will -- of their little song, the elevator doors slide open and an absolutely horrified Xerxes is standing there. There is a moment of silence and then Decay- pushes the "door close" button. Xerxes takes another elevator. For the rest of the conference (and for years afterwards), Xerxes will be greeted with the exclamation "cumfart?"