cunt dial

When certain channel folk gather at a public place, whether it be for dinner (see: DfH), or to go clubbing, it is VERY easy for the rumour/trash-talking wheels to start spinning. At such an outing, about half of the guests had barely arrived, and already one side of dinner table had started its typical habits of leaking out nicknames of assorted fellow IRC chatters, followed by vitriolic remarks, innuendo, and bitchy quips. It occured to KidKero that we hadn't even been asked to place our appetizer orders yet, and already we were being Too Cunty Too Soon. He interrupted the current trashing-in-progress to say "I am now turning down the cunt dial," complete with hand motion rotating an invisible dial. He then announced the setting had gone from 8 to 3, which was more acceptable, and everyone laughed. I remarked "Yes I suppose you are right.. It's not like we have to use up all the cunt-i-ness now or else it will go bad!"

In channel, to turn down the cunt dial means that things are getting a bit too nasty, and we don't really want people's feelings to get hurt. If one particular person is being a complete curmudgeon, you can message them *turns your dial down to 1* Some of the derivatives that have since been spawned include dialing down (= to turn one's own or someone else's dial down); and help, the dial's broken off in my hand (= things are getting out of hand and tempers are starting to flare). If someone has escalated the nastiness right off the scale, they might be said to have dialed their cunt up to 11, a reference to the 1984 movie This Is Spinal Tap where the amps were set to '11' (typically, dials only go up to '10')