(to have a) date with a 19yo blond/blue skater

Let's face it. People lie. It sucks when you go on a date with someone and the moment you meet them you realize that they lied about their stats. Castro19 (whose nick has changed in the years since he's been 19, but we all know him as Larry) had an experience like that when he went on a date -- or at least, tried to -- with someone whose description was "19yo blond/blue skater" Trouble was, that someone was Technoboy, and....Technoboy was a bot. The story behind that infamous encounter is related elsewhere in the Huh? Glossary (see: in a cage, IRCing with a stick), but suffice to say, whenever someone returns from a date where the other person was WAY different from the stats they'd advertised, we say that they've had a date with a 19yo blond/blue skater.