Duckie, titles of

The concept of giving an individual in the gay community "titles" is familiar to anyone with some knowledge of drag queens -- particularly anyone who is familiar with the International Court System, which got started in San Francisco. But it is not just drag queens that can have titles. Basically, titles are given to honor a particular individual for some aspect of their character or personality. They are usually flattering, often silly, and always amusing.

Duckie, who now comes on channel only rarely as Dux, assumed most of his titles during his time living at The FUNhouse, although some he acquired before moving to San Francisco. Here are some of the explanations behind Duckie's titles:

The Empress Lola Divinity

"Empress Lola" was a nickname Duckie picked up in his hometown of New Orleans, LA. It is a reference to Marlene Dietrich's famous song "Ich bin die fesche Lola" (I Am The Naughty Lola) from the 1930 film "Der Blaue Engel" (The Blue Angel). He later added the surname "Divinity" because it sounded grand and impressive.

Her Serene Duckness

Duckie got his name "Duckie" because of his resemblance to Jon Cryer's character in the 1986 film "Pretty In Pink". When a more grandiloquent title was called for, I christened him "Her Serene Duckness".

Queen Consort (Emeritus) to the Maharajah of Madness

The owner and chief resident of The FUNhouse is ARTc, who doesn't come on channel any more. ARTc's title was the Maharajah of Madness and when Duckie moved into The FUNhouse, Duckie became his Queen Consort. The honorific "Emeritus" was added after Duckie moved to Seattle WA to work for Microsoft.

Most Sovereign Imperial Ruler-In-Absentia of the Western (Addition) Lands

The FUNhouse is located just where The Filmore neighbourhood transitions to the Western Addition neighbourhood. During Duckie's stay in Seattle, there was for a while the understanding that he would someday return to SF and take up residence at The FUNhouse. To commemorate this, ARTc and I came up with this title on the one-year anniversary of Duckie's departure. Alas, when he did return, he decided not to move back in to The FUNhouse, ultimately settling in at what would become the DW Hotel.

Supreme Monarch of the Crushed Velvet Throne

Duckie, being a southern boy at heart, loves southern food. I, being a Canadian boy and subject to spending winters in the southern US, also love southern food. (And southern boys too, but that's another story. Hi Tce!) Together, we would often dine at the legendary Reverend Powell's Soul Food restaurant in Hayes Valley. After gorging ourselves as we invariably did on the finest fried chicken, black-eyed peas, sweet-potato pie, and sweet tea in the City, we would wander around the funky artsy shops of Hayes Valley. Just down the street was a store with no name but full of crushed velvet clothing, bedspreads, you name it. If it could be stitched out of fabric, it was produced and for sale at this store. Duckie and I spent many evenings in that store (alas, it is no longer there) and I came up with this title to commemorate those times.

Mistress Messy Mary Everlast

This title was bestowed upon Duckie from his room-mates when he lived in Florida (where he'd gone to be with his then-boyfriend and now-roommate, Wess). It characterizes both his episodes of scatter-brainededness and his perpetually unkempt bedroom. Originally just "Messy Mary", I added the "Mistress" and the "Everlast" to add some alliterative punch.

Simply, Mona

"Mona" was the nickname given to Duckie by his then-boyfriend and now-roommate, Wess. It's an aberration of "moaner," and the title pretty much explains itself.