Jenny Crank Diet

Crank is streetslang for crystal methamphetamine (speed), a popular party drug amongst certain segments of the gay community. Like all methamphetamines, it often has the side effect of causing rapid weight loss. (Crank is also slang for crack cocaine.)

One (late) evening after a P'n'M field trip to Club Universe, we ended up at the Posh Denny's for late night food. Decay- and Nutation were joking about someone they knew that they'd seen at the club, noticeably slimmer than when they'd last seen him. Nutation quipped that he must have been "...on the Jenny Crank Diet, you know...a line for breakfast...a line for lunch...and then a sensible dinner!" This line was one of two from Nutation to cause Ira to snort his Sprite (see: fudge pachyderms for the other)