Jobo, or as he's known by his full nick Jobobcat, hasn't been on channel for a few years now. He appears to have either gone underground, or left the area. Weird, creepy, and with unrepentantly pedophillic proclivities, he inspired reactions from "queasy discomfort" (corsican) to "violent loathing" (Ira). In addition to being openly and loudly in favor of sex with small boys, he also professed little concern with even attempting to quantify consent. Consent, for him, was just not important. It's one thing to say you like kiddiesex. It's another to say you don't care if it's consenting or not.

What made Jobo so creepy was that he didn't fit the stereotype of the lecherous drooling troll or yeasty balding NAMBLAist -- he was actually a kid in his 20s, not unattractive, relatively clean-cut, almost preppy. I met him only once, before I was made aware of his pedophillic streak. We had a bite to eat together before going to the Mariner's Hall for what was then the monthly 18+ club "Special K", the fore-runner to Club Faith. He was charming, obviously intelligent, good conversationalist. As the evening progressed, however, he began to behave more and more erratically. By the time we got to Special K, he was like a completely different person -- sketchy and unstable. We went our separate ways at the club and I decided to stay away from him after that.

Originally, to compare someone with Jobobcat was a serious epithet; however, there's been enough channel turnover that not a lot of people remember who Jobo was, or how creepy he was. The nick has lost much of its pejorative connotation and people use jobo generically for anyone who is (or is inclined to be) dating someone younger than they are.