Julie The Cruise Director

Julie The Cruise Director refers to Julie McCoy, a character from the TV series "The Love Boat". A cheesy yet inexplicably popular show that aired from 1977 to 1986, it is widely regarded as a paragon of 80s kitsch. Eternally perky, Julie and her ever-present clipboard became a symbol of cheerful efficiency and co-ordinated navy pantsuits. The character was played by Lauren Tewes until she was forced to leave the show amid murky allegations of rampant cocaine use and wild living.

When the channel first started organizing the #GaySF Movie Nights (now dormant), claudeSF could always be counted on to keep people moving, make sure everyone had their tickets, and that we all sat together. Naturally, he earned the title of "Julie" (murky allegations of rampant Pearl Cream use and wild living notwithstanding.) Eventually, I'm With Julie! became the slogan -- and later the name of the website (now defunct) -- of #GaySF Movie Nights.