Jon23DC, whom I call "Jonboy", is a netizen of #gaydc and frequent visitor to #gaysf. He has met a number of us on visits (either us to him, or him to us) and he can usually be found swilling drinks at his favourite DC haunts: vodka at Badlands on Thursdays and Long Island Iced Teas at Velvet on Saturdays. But he's not just a Velvet VIP -- he's a one-fifth stake owner/investor in the popular nightclub complex.

Despite having once worked (proudly!) at AOL, Jonboy's a pretty cool guy and he very hospitably hosted me at his Fairfax VA condo (he has several properties in the DC-Metro area) on my visit in March 2000 to the East Coast. If you ever get to stay at Jonboy's, be sure to drink from his glassware: if it hadn't been for me, he'd have none. (He also wouldn't have a shower curtain. Or flatware. Or scissors. I'm such a nice guy!)

Anyways, one of Jonboy's well-known (well, at least east of the Mississippi) attributes is his endowment (and I'm not talking his bank account, although that's pretty sizable too). It's size and angle when erect caused me to dub it "the kickstand."